Wedding Albums

Storybook Wedding Albums To Protect Your Memories

A wedding album is the perfect way to display and protect your wedding photographs for years to come. This handcrafted album can be fully personalised to your requirements. Each album is professionally bound and features rigid lay flat pages where the images are digitally printed onto high quality paper.

Example Album Design

50 page / 25 spread design for a 30x30cm Premium Wedding Album


  • Handcrafted hardcover
  • 800g/m² lay flat rigid pages
  • 30 to 80 pages / 15 to 40 spreads
  • 10 sizes from 15x15cm to 30x45cm
  • Over 60 cover material colours
  • 3 papers choices
  • Cut-out window covers
  • Personalised embossing and printing
  • Multiple add-on options

These choices are summarised below but can also be viewed as a PDF download here.


There are a wide range of sizes from 6×6” / 15x15cm up to a 18×12” / 45x30cm. The typical albums I provide are the Classic 8×8”, Signature 10×10”, Premium 12×12” and Luxe 18×12”

Design Choices

Choose from a wide variety of cover designs, colours and materials to create a completely personalised album.

Colour Choices

Choose from over 60 different cover colour materials – in textile, eco-leather or duo textile finishes.

Paper Choices

  • Silk has a classic soft finish
  • Metallic has a modern finish
  • Deep Matte has a rich finish


 Choose from silk, metallic or deep matte paper Choose from silk, metallic or deep matte paper

Cut-Out Window Covers

Choose from a variety of cut-out window cover designs. Options vary by size – 30x30cm choices shown. Can be upgraded to a full acryllic cover on the 30x30cm too.

Personalisation Options

There are further personalisation options for your album.

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