Vegan Wedding Photographer

I appreciate many people are increasingly interested in whether the products they use or services they buy have an ethical approach in relation to animal welfare and the environment. The growth of veganism in the UK means that a number of engaged couples are also starting to look for a Vegan Wedding Photographer who can cover their special day.

I wanted to explain my approach and background in relation to vegan and my policy on the use of animal products in my business as a professional photographer.

I’ve been interested in animals and animal welfare for many years. My mother ran an animal welfare hospital for most of her life and I lived on site during my teenage years. I was a vegetarian since the age of 14 and continued this approach for 30 years until I decided to move over to a fully vegan diet and lifestyle 2 years ago.

I am an ethical vegan which means I avoid the unnecessary use of all animal products. This includes not consuming any animal-based products, wearing leather or wool or using animal-based products contained in things like toiletries and soaps etc.

In my photography business, this approach means not using things like leather camera straps or selling leather bound albums. I continue to research and implement ways to avoid the use of animal-derived products in my personal or business life.

If you are interested in a vegan wedding, would like to discuss photography or have any questions then please get in touch.