It’s always better to hire a professional wedding photographer over a friend – but why?

The average human lives 25,915 days.

Your wedding day is one of only a few special days scattered throughout your lifetime.

You’d think it would stand out in your mind, right? 

Turns out, it often doesn’t. About 54% of people in the UK say they don’t clearly remember their wedding day. Whether that’s from stress, whirlwind activity, or too much partying may vary from person to person.

So what’s the best way to ensure that you remember yours? Document it.

The best way to document your wedding is to hire a professional wedding photographer. Before you protest and say that ‘Uncle Bob’ can handle it just fine, check out these benefits of having a professional photograph your wedding.

1. Camera Knowledge

Have you ever looked at a professional camera? There are a lot of knobs and buttons and a lot of different settings. 

True, you say. But there’s also an automatic mode which tends to handle things just fine.

If the automatic mode were truly that intuitive, camera manufacturers wouldn’t bother adding all the knobs and buttons to let you choose your own settings.

For example, the camera doesn’t know what to do if your subjects are dark and the background is bright. You’ll either end up with really dark subjects and an okay background or, more likely, a completely blown out background. 

That’s only one of a million challenges that a wedding photographer may face at the average wedding. 

2. Beyond the Camera

The camera isn’t everything when it comes to taking great photos. You could have the most expensive, sexiest camera in the world, but in the hands of an amateur, the photos will only be okay. 

That’s because photographers know how to search out the perfect angles, compose the shot to tell a beautiful story, and take the photo at the right moment. There’s no automatic setting in the world that can do that for you.

They also know how to tell you to sit or stand so that you look your best in the photo.

There’s a whole lot more to taking a photo than simply pressing a button!

3. Professional Knowledge

Professional wedding photographers not only have camera knowledge, but also professional knowledge.

They’ve photographed weddings before so they have a good idea of how things run. They can help keep you on schedule and make sure you have plenty of time to get the photos you want. 

4. A Solid Backup Plan

Think about this scenario. You plan to have Uncle Bob take your photos, but the day of the wedding he wakes up sick.

He might let you know a few hours before the ceremony starts, giving you probably not enough time to find a replacement. He might just simply not show up, giving you zero opportunity to find a backup.

A reputable professional photographer will always have a backup plan. They’ll probably even have it spelt out in their contract and explain it to you before the wedding. 

If for some reason they personally can’t attend the event, there will be a photographer there. You won’t have to worry about finding a last-minute photographer.

5. No Do-Overs

A wedding day is, for many people, a once in a lifetime event. You don’t get a second chance to get photos of the day. 

If Uncle Bob misses the big kiss at the end of the ceremony, or if he misses your reaction to the best man’s joke at the reception, there are no do-overs.

It’s always possible that a professional could miss those shots too, but much less likely. Since it is their job and they’ve done it many times, they know to set themselves up for the shot before it comes. 

6. Professional Photo Quality and Security

Let’s say for a minute that Uncle Bob manages to capture all the best moments. Maybe he actually does a good job. 

What happens next? 

If he does a really good job the photos may look decent straight out of the camera. But no matter how good a photo may be it will always benefit from a bit of editing. 

Is Uncle Bob willing to devote the hours it will take to edit your photos to perfection? Probably not.

And what happens if something happens to the photos before they get to you? Memory cards can get lost or accidentally erased.

Professionals have a process to ensure that doesn’t happen. Many will also back your photos up for a certain amount of time in case you lose them. 

7. Your Family and Friends Can Be Guests

You want your family and friends to come to your wedding and enjoy themselves. If they have to be worried about taking pictures, they can’t relax and have as much fun.

Plus, whoever’s taking the shots won’t be in them. You want to remember everything about your special day, including everyone who helped you celebrate.

8. Memories Are Priceless

Of all the reasons there are to hire a professional photographer, it basically boils down to this-memories are priceless. The flowers will fade and the cake will be eaten, but the one tangible thing you can walk away from your wedding with are photographs.

The price of professional photography can be off-putting to some. But think about the price of not having those beautiful mementoes to look back on.

When you’re older, your grandchildren may ask you about your wedding day. Professional wedding photos give you the chance to show them, rather than just tell them about it.

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