A Chat with Andy Larmouth

I don’t know about you but I love magic tricks. I’ve seen magicians working at various events and weddings and always like to see the reaction of the guests. It’s great fun and makes for some really great photos too.

One of the leading magicians in the North East of England is Andy Larmouth.

I’ve got to know Andy over the years and he’s someone who is passionate about magic and creating an experience that will literally amaze you.

Recently I met up with Andy at Acklam Hall for a coffee and a chat about his magic and the work he is doing. I asked him a few questions about the world of magic which I wanted to share.

How long have you been into magic?

Andy tole me that many magicians answer this question by saying they’d started as a kid with a magic set they got for Christmas. However, Andy’s route into professional magic was totally different. Andy had started his career as a teacher and then as a musician playing guitar at gigs and going on tours. Life on the road was interesting but had its disadvantages. Andy found it hard to balance the late nights and travel with family life and decided to look at something else as a career. Whilst working as a professional musician, Andy had got to know a magician that had been performing at some of the same gigs. The magician took Andy ‘under his wing’ as he said and which enabled Andy to developed an interest and his skills in this area. Doing his first magic trick at the age of 34 he has never looked back. From there he has gone on to become a full time professional magician and member of the prestigious Magic Circle.

Which locations do you cover as a magician?

“Go anywhere!” was Andy’s reply on this question. I know Andy works a lot in the North of England and is well known at many leading venues such as Crathorne Hall, Wynyard Hall and Rockcliffe. Like myself and many professional self employed people he also works across the UK and further afield. That means if you have an amazing destination wedding in Europe or elsewhere he is certainly worth having a discussion with.

Do you have any favourite tricks?

Andy knows many tricks but tells me he does have a favourite. He performs it only to couples at their wedding when they are sat at the top table. It’s a special trick and he says it amazes him every time he does it. I would love to know what it was but he refused to show me. “It’s only for special couples if you book me for your wedding”. I guess that will be the only way to find out.

How about a trick then?

Andy showed me this trick which I thought was great. This one is based on creating real printed cards from blank ones. I’ve watched the video back again and again and still can’t work out how he does it. Must be magic! The amazing this is that Andy will just do another trick and another one and then another. It’s great to watch him at work.

So, why would you hire a magician for your wedding or event?

Magic has a “unique quality” Andy explains. It achieves and number of things which make it different and distinctive as a form of entertainment. Amazement and wonder is the first as well as a memorable experience. It creates a feeling that stays with people for a long time. Andy says he has clients and guests coming up to him years later to recall a trick he did. I gather people don’t always remember the trick itself but talk about how they reacted to the magic. It’s also an ice breaker which gets people laughing and joking. For Andy, magic “ticks all the boxes” as entertainment. That’s the experience of magic that Andy tries to provide to clients to make their day even more special.

How do people get in touch with you?

Andy is very active on social media and you may have seen some of his many livestreams that he does before events and weddings. You find him on Facebook and Instagram. There is also his website – andylarmouth.com – which includes a blog about his work as a magician.

Wrapping up

I think having a magician is a great addition to any event. I love magic and like a lot of people, turn into a kid whenever I see a trick, wondering how it’s done. Andy’s a great guy and is always happy to have a chat and meet up for a coffee so feel free to say hello to him.