Short Notice Wedding Photographer


There are many reasons why a couple might need short notice wedding photography. This could be because the photographer has fallen ill shortly before the wedding. This obviously does happen as with any job although the impact on the wedding as an event can be dramatic. Another reason is that that the bride and groom may have decided to get married at short notice and they are unable to find a suitable photographer in their area who is available. There are any number of amateur or inexperienced wedding photographers who might volunteer for this – but the risk to the couple’s special day is obvious in the event the photographs are sub-standard. A common reason, and one I have seen a few times, is where a relative or friend has offered to covered the wedding and has realised at the last minute that they do not have the skills required. This leaves the couple in an impossible position and they need to find a wedding photographer at short notice as a result. I have also been contacted by couples where the photographer has cancelled because they have double booked and have only realised this at the last minute. It is also the case, unfortunately, where a photographer may have been offered better paid work and has then decided the take that and cancel the original booking. This practice is not common but does happen. Again this leaves the bride and groom needing to find a photographer to cover the wedding at short notice. I am prepared to work as a short notice wedding photographer in the event the photographer is not available or other issue has come up. The price for a short notice wedding is the same as my digital full day rate which is payable in full in advance + travel expenses. I am prepared to travel throughout the UK as required.