Rahim & Meera's Wedding at Akley Heads

Aykley Heads Register Office was the venue for the wedding of Rahim and Meera. It was a beautiful Autumn day for this intimate ceremony with family and close friends. Aykley Heads is a very old building and the interior is well decorated and features details like period fireplaces and some impressive staircases. After the ceremony, I took the party over to the nearby Wharton Park which was a great place for the bride and groom portraits and classic group photos. The Park has a set of battlements and a gun battery overlooking Durham city and the Cathedral. In addition, there are many interesting art pieces in the park which also made for some interesting photos. Rahim and Meera were great fun to work with and it was a great day. Thank you to the couple for choosing me as their Durham wedding photographer and all the best for the future.

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