I love fireworks and I think a wedding firework display is the perfect way to end your special day. It’s a dramatic finale and creates opportunities for some beautiful photography and magical moments.

Check with the Venue

As with all things involved in planning your wedding there are a wide range of different options depending on what you want. My advice in the first instance would be to speak to your wedding venue coordinator. Some venues are going to be ideal for a wedding firework display whilst some will be restricted.

Hire A Firework Display Professional

After that you will need to decide who you hire to run the firework display. As with photography, I would suggest always hiring a professional who is experienced and fully insured to avoid the risk of something going wrong on the day.

Q&A With Mark Priest – Wedding Fireworks Supplier

I wanted to get some views on the best way to do this from a professional and got in contact with Mark Priest of www.weddingfireworks.co.uk and https://www.fireworkscrazy.co.uk.

I asked a few questions about the business and Mark’s view on what fireworks can add to a wedding day.

When Did You Start Selling Fireworks?

Mark’s company is called Fireworks Crazy Ltd and they have been in the fireworks business since 2003. The company is based in Chelmsford, Essex, and operates from a fireworks showroom which also supports the online business which sells fireworks and services through their websites.

What Sort Of Coverage Can You Provide?

While Mark and the team are based in Chelmsford they have firing teams located across the whole of the UK. This means they can offer country-wide coverage for couples who are looking for a professional fireworks display at their wedding as well as for other occasions and events.

What Type Of Events Are Professional Fireworks Suitable For?

Fireworks Crazy sell retail fireworks to individuals, couples, and organisations across the UK. The fireworks are used at displays for all manner of events and occasions, at a variety of different locations.

These are suitable for a variety of events, from relatively small occasions such as school end of term events and charity fundraisers to bigger and louder displays for professional football clubs, government departments, and many large private sector companies.

In the past 18 months Fireworks Crazy has been commissioned to provide the BRIT Awards closing display and London’s Intercontinental O2 New Year’s Eve fireworks.

What Do Fireworks Add To A Wedding?

Whatever you want them to! The great thing with fireworks we find is that while they’re becoming more popular and commonplace at weddings, they still hold a surprise element and act as a ‘WoW’ for wedding guests. There’s always lots of new fireworks being designed, too, so no two displays are the same. Last year alone we took delivery of over 80 new retail fireworks, and over 200 new professional fireworks including Japanese style colour changing ghost effects which this year will start making their way in to the retail range. 

When you choose to have fireworks at your wedding, you’re in charge! Whether you want a quick and simple display that you can set up and fire yourself, or for us to come and provide an elaborate display set to you and your partner’s song, with specific fireworks chosen to match the colours of your wedding theme, we can do whatever you want!

 Contrary to popular belief, a wedding fireworks display doesn’t have to blow a massive hole in your budget, either, and having checked our prices with our competitors we know that what we provide from a cost perspective is more than reasonable, while we believe the quality of the displays speak for themselves. Anyone interested in seeing what we can do can check out our Facebook or Vimeo pages.

What Would You Say Was Different About Fireworks Crazy?

Mark passionately believes that Fireworks Crazy offer the best value in the UK. Be that for our fireworks displays or for selling fireworks directly to the public. We sell the majority of our lines at a discount against the retail price, and also heavily subsidise our delivery costs so as not to make them prohibitive to the consumer. We also guarantee our customers the best prices available at all times with our price match guarantee. 

What Is Your Favourite Type Of Firework?

Mark said that his personal favourite is a big rocket. They’re perfect for a finale of any display, whether you’ve put on 20 minutes of colour and noise for a huge audience on Bonfire Night or have used a roman candle and single ignition box for a quick display in your garden, you can’t go wrong with a couple of big rockets to close out a display.

Who Do Couples Contact If They Have Any questions?

If you have any questions about a wedding firework display then please contact Mark and the team at Fireworks Crazy.

Photos provided by Fireworks Crazy

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